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On 27th Mai, 2021 was organized a meeting in Ghelința where Mr. Könczei Csaba Deputy in Chamber of Deputies of Romania was also invited by the GoDanuBio project team. Mr. Könczei was the former director of Agriculture Diretorate in Covasna County for over 10 years. On the meeting with farmers and local stakeholders in rural development the deputy presented the future perspectives for next programming period 2021-2027 in Ghelința Commune. On this event, the GoDanuBio project was also presented for the participants. On this event Mr. Csaba Könczei and Mr. Botond Ilyés highlighted that the local community has to establish new cooperatives and association in order to embrace all the small producers, workshops on local level and make their small businesses more visible and develop their activities. Morover, as local organizations they can actively involved in participative governancing process in Ghelința.

Mr. Attila Péterfi, representative of the biggest project consulting company from Romania, Goodwill Consulting Ltd., confirmed that there are many measures and bidding opportunities for the current and upcoming years in Romania in rural developments and to apply alternative business models for circular economy developments. 

On this event, business opportunities in agotourism was also highlighted by an invited presenter, Mr. Botond Aczél who is software specialist in IT sector, living in Budapest but he grew up in the next settlement from Ghelința and his long-term goal to come back, settle down close to Ghelinta and start eco-tourism activities and services.


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